3 reasons “forbidden” to pluck gray hair

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3 reasons “forbidden” to pluck gray hair. What will happen! If you suddenly see the white hair stand out Can’t wait to pull it away But many people may have to weigh up because they have heard rumors claiming that plucking 1 gray hair will double in size. But that’s just “rumours” that not scientifically proven So what’s the real answer at ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.app

“Facts” that will happen when we pluck gray hair

  1. ingrown hair If the hair or hair is quickly pluck from the skin no matter. What part of the body This disturbs the skin and may cause the surrounding epithelium to crack. Damaged hair can also affect the roots. Neil Schultz, founder of Beauty by Dr. Schultz, explains that disrupting the skin can also be very damaging. In particular, the most common problem is Ingrown or ingrown hairs. Because if the epithelium is damaged Once the hair is reborn. It cannot emerge from under the skin. But will grow within eventually become ingrown hair

    Ingrown hairs can cause skin irritation. In cases where the hair is quite hard. There can also inflammation with red bumps. until there is a pain associated with it
  2. thin hair
    when twitching hard gray hair Clear hair’s dermatologist, Francesca Fusco, explains that those painful moments of gray hair plucking can take a toll on your scalp. It may be when the dilated arteries react to the slightest pain your body feels. and affect the hair roots

    Even though it’s a very rare thing, if you pull, pull, twitch or pull the gray hair continuously. Pain in the scalp can lead to hair thinning, slow growth, or no new hair to grow at all.
  3. waste time
    Plucking gray hair is of no use except as a temporary solution. Because after you manage to pull the white hair out. The hair follicle cycle resets itself and new hair grows to replace it at the same spot, still white. Because the pigment cells in the hair roots are dead. The hair that was born therefore lacks the color of the original hair that you have. Causing instead of black, brown, it becomes gray hair, white hair without ever returning to the original hair color.

    Dermatologists also state. That It is a pity that there is no special diet of any kind. Or any special dietary supplement. There was also no medical evidence. That any supplemental protein or vitamins were found. That can supplemented to slow down or inhibit the occurrence of white hair or gray hair

Therefore, the way to prevent premature white hair or delay the occurrence of gray hair is to avoid the root cause. Whether it’s not smoking and turning to pay attention to food as much. Get enough sleep and rest As for young people of working age. Who are often stress by problems around them. They must control their mental state so that stress does not deteriorate both physical and mental health