Gourds crabs fish are now available online.

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Gourds crabs fish are now available online.

Which will divide into 2 types: shredded and dice. The playing characteristics of the gourds, crabs, fish, both of which are similar to the general gourds crabs fish. But there are slightly different ways to play.

The form of gourds, crabs, fish paper in the old days.

  1. Gourd crab fish paper, dice.
    equipment to play, there will be only two main things, which are paper dice. Each side of the dice has a picture of 6 different symbols, such as tigers, chickens, shrimps, fish, crabs and gourds. gourd, crab fish paper  And there are 6 types of symbols of the same prizes for the bettor to place their money.
    How to play:  The player must place a bet in the picture box. Which can be place according to needs. When placing bets The dealer then throws. Or sometimes put a cup with a lid like a dice to randomly draw the prize. The referral reward is based on the image at the top of the dice. If there is a picture exactly as the player bets. They can immediately receive the prize money.
  1. Gourds, crabs, fish, paper, shredded
    , the playing equipment obtained is  2 large sheets of paper gourds. One sheet will have pictures of 6 prize symbols. As well as common and one sheet. Is a sheet of paper used to issue an award. Each sheet of paper will mark with a reward symbol. Instead of using dice such as 1 sheet, there will be results that crab, chicken, gourd, etc.
    How to play:  Players must place bets in the desire picture box. When the bets have place. The dealer will ring a paper with the result of the prize coming out of the sheet. Or players can choose to draw their own. In order to issue a prize, if the prize result in the drawn paper is exactly the same as the player bet. Then the winnings can receive immediately.

gourd, crab ,fish rules or real life. But if it’s online Rules of play at UFABET. Everyone may know each other enough. But in real life everyone knows that there is a game. gourd, crab, fish, paper to play with which will This article will introduce you to the types of gourd crab fish paper.