Online Dragon Tiger cards, not difficult to play, anyone can play.

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Online Dragon Tiger cards, not difficult to play, anyone can play.

easy bet It will be accessible to users easily as well. In playing card games.

That we are familiar. Name baccarat and poker. There is a simpler style of play. It doesn’t take long. The board page is not very complicate. 

It will consist of In this game. There will be 3 types of bets.

Which are dragon dragon tiger. The Dragon Tiger cards dealer will deal 1 card to each player and can bet on the slots we want. As for the cards that are dealt. There are different pay rates as follows. Playing in ทางเข้า UFABET

Winning the shirt-dragon card Can understand a little is to win points as follows

  • 1-10 will have points according to the face of the card
  • A will have 1 point.
  • J will have 11 points.
  • Q will have 12 points.
  • K will have a maximum of 13 points.

As for placing bets, there will be options for you to choose which are Dragon (Dragon), Tiger (Tiger) and Tie (Tie).

  • If we put the Dragon (Dragon), the payout rate you will get 1:1
  • we put Tiger (Tiger), your payout ratio is 1:1.
  • If we put a tie (Tie), the payout rate you will get 1:8.

Why should we choose to play cards, tigers, dragons?

Many of you are probably deciding to choose to invest in cards, tigers, dragons, is it good? I believe that you may not the first to think like. The result is You won’t be disappointed. We have selected the reasons why you should not overlook. Betting on this game depends on the decision. all yours

Less time to play

Dare to guarantee that Many of the Dragon Tiger cards betting card games available now, Tiger, Dragon card games have the fastest service and the fastest returns. You don’t need to spend long waiting times.