Croatia AET 1-1 (PK 4-2) Brazil: Analyze 5 issues after the checkered army

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Croatia AET 1-1 (PK 4-2) Brazil: Analyze 5 issues after the checkered army defeated Samba to win the World Cup.

1. Croatia, sly

From the 2018 World Cup runner-up status. The quality of the top midfielders style of play. And the ability to bear the pressure makes no one dare to check out Croatia’s name as one of the teams to win the World Cup this time.

Emphasis on stopping the ball before passing through Brazil’s final area with decisive action. And although the Seleçao army can open the channel to snap the trigger to score a goal. But within Dominic Livakovic’s range can be prevented

the more time passes The protracted game puts more pressure on the Samba army than the checkered generals. Who have experienced extra time in every match in the knockout rounds of the 2018 World Cup (except the final), as well as just passing through a familiar atmosphere. In the match that Dalic’s team had just defeated Japan with a penalty shoot-out round of 16 teams.

2. Dominic Livakovic made a name

The World Cup is an important stage for players to shine. Especially with players. Who not well known in the media and Qatar 2022 has made a name for Dominic Livakovic, a 27-year-old goalkeeper for the Croatian national team under Dinamo Zagreb. it’s done

After referring to 3 saves against Japan in the penalty shoot-out round of 16. This game against Brazil referred to the record for blocking the chances of Samba 11 times, becoming the highest number in this World Cup by Liwaco. Vish also managed to save a penalty from Rodrygo, who scored Brazil’s first in a shootout.

By saving the aforementioned penalty shootout, he made him write a record of 4 penalty saves in a single tournament. This is the highest record in World Cup history as well Man of the Match Official from FIFA.

3. Modric’s Last Dance

At 37 years old with former Ballon d’Or status. The Croatia first player besides Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in a decade to win the honor. With playing in a World Cup that is highly likely to his last World Cup in 2026. The Real Madrid forward will 41 years old by that time.

Luka Modric continues to run and drive the game in midfield all over the place. Referred to as the player with the most touches in this game (141 times), passing the ball for friends to play easily and efficiently

For example, Mateo Kovacic, who is equally advanced in football, with Mario Brozovic as a porter in front of the back four. The combination of running, movement, and switch positions between the three players is consistent and has been their strong point in paving the way for success at this World Cup.

4. One of Brazil’s best outfits in years.

From the picture, I remember Brazil playing football beautifully. march forward like crazy Let the defensive game be secondary, but in the 2022 World Cup Brazil under Tite’s team has become a team that is almost perfectly balanced. There are balls to lure balls, different from the original picture. Obviously,

the 61-year-old opted for play-savings, slowly rubbing against Croatia throughout normal and extra-time. Danilo, on the left side, moves in to stand as an inverted fullback, paired with Casemiro when the team gains possession of the ball to help stop the opponent’s counter-attack, while Eder Militao settles down as a three-centre back with Thiago Silva and Marquinhos,

while in midfield and attack, are said to have the potential both in the starting lineup and on the bench to beat virtually any opponent in the world. It’s just that it’s not Croatia that has Livakovic guarding the post and still full of confidence as the game drags on to penalties.

Tite is so convinced of the potential of his players that he rarely changes the way he plays over time. His regular-time substitutions Antoni (replacing Rafinha 56′), Rodrigo (replacing Vinicius 64′) and Pedro (replacing Richarlison 84′) are substitutions of the type. position per position This was almost no different from the extra-time substitutions Alex Sandro (replacing Militao 106′) and Fred (replacing Paqueta 106′).

5. The excellence of Neymar

Neymar was 30 at this World Cup and will be 34 at the next World Cup. The age milestones are a bit of a gamble on whether he will be able to take part in the next football tournament. No, a star player from Paris Saint-Germain. This one therefore plays with discretion. clearly more focused than ever Reduce unnecessary flashy tricks. No prank play Every beat from this Selecao key man happened because of hope.

The class is still full of character. Neymar holds the record for the most dribbles on the pitch with four. Creates rhythm with his teammates that lead to the goal. during extra time It turned out to be a record-breaking goal against Pele (77 goals for Brazil). Which should have turn out to be the perfect role until Bruno Petkovic’s equalizer destroyed the party of Neymar and his teammates. the most