Dalic praises ‘excellent’ Livakovic as he save Croat into World Cup semi-finals

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Dalic praises ‘excellent’ Livakovic as he save Croat into World Cup semi-finals

Zladko Dalic, the head coach of the Croatian national team Salute to the team. After successfully breaking the Brazilian barrier in the last 8 teams of the 2022 World Cup

“Chess” came to the World Cup semi-finals for the second consecutive time. After the last time they finished as runners-up and in the quarter-finals. They wore their hearts of fighters in pursuit of an equalizer against Brazil in extra time. And won with a penalty shootout, decided with a score of 4-2 by Dominic Liwakovich, Croatian outposts. Saves a penalty from Rodrigo. Which is the first Brazilian in this game and resulted in the team qualifying for the final

“He has been fantastic doing what he has always done. Saving a penalty from the first It helps build confidence for all of us. And immediately affected the confidence of Brazil. because they are afraid to miss Fear of being saved again But with them, he got us through to the next round. Brazil this game created a lot of chances. Full of quality and speed, but today our goalkeeper was in excellent form. And there was an important save that helped the team get over it.”

Livakovic, 27, from Dinamo Zagreb, made 11 saves over the course of 120 minutes, making him the fourth goalkeeper after Se. Archio Gojkochia (Argentina), Harald Schumacher (Germany) and Daniel Subasic (Croatia) saved a penalty during the shoot-out. up to 4 times (including all games)