Liverpool collaps Man United lost. Summary of last night’s football results

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Liverpool collaps Man United lost. Summary of last night’s football results.

Summary of last night’s football results with match highlights. Week 4, English Premier League, season 2023/24. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Crystal Palace 3-2 Wolverhampton

(Edouard 56, 84, Eze 78 / Huang 65, Cunya 90+6)

The game at Selhurst Park was still able to do anything in the first half. The game got fun in the second half. The home team took the lead through Odson Eduard 56 before Hwang Hee Chan equalized in the 65th minute, then the home team scored two straight goals from Eberichi Eze in the 78th minute and Edu. The same Ard, in the 84th minute in stoppage time, Matheus Cunha scored for the visiting team to make it 3-2, but not before the Eagles were able to finally grab 3 points at home.

Liverpool 3-0 Aston Villa

(Soboszlai 3 caches [OG] 22 Salah 55)

In the game at Anfield, the Reds were clearly superior and also took an early lead from Dominic Szoboszlai in the 3rd minute. After that, the home team scored the second goal from Matty Cash’s own goal in the 22nd minute. After that, it was still the home team that did better and got three goals in the second half after Mo Salah in the 55th minute. The remaining time they couldn’t do anything more. In the end, it was Liverpool who opened the house to win overwhelmingly 3-0.

Arsenal 3-1 Manchester United

(Odegaard 28 Rice 90+6 Jesus 90+11 / Rashford 27)

The game at the Emirates Stadium is the home team that has more possession of the ball to attack. As for the visiting team, focusing on defending and waiting for the counterattack, but then it was Man United who took the lead first from Marcus Rashford in the 27th minute, but then a minute later, Martin Odegaard came to equalize for the home team to be 1. -1 After that, each side had a chance to win the goal but still couldn’t do anything more. The game seemed to end in a draw but then the Gunners scored two goals from Declan Rice and Gabriel Jesus in stoppage time, helping Arsenal eventually squeeze in victory.